The menu is a Unique Fusion of Balochi plus Afghani dishes. The elegantly appointed dining area in tents is the perfect place to begin your meal with delicious Baloch & Afghan appetizers, some made with pastry doug... and others prepared as dumplings. Bamian’s appetizers are often served with homemade yogurt and accompanied with a slightly spicy chutney sauce. Their appetizers and traditional soups and salads are the perfect prelude to dinner.

The other items in the menu include Balochi Ginger, Balochi Handi, Balochi Tikka & Barra, Balochi Chicken & Mutton Sajji and the Bamian Special Barbequed Wings. The Bamian Cheese Tikka contains cheese in it with special balochi sauces marginated with the chicken. Bamian’s main courses include many varieties of grilled Kababs & Tikka’s. Most dishes are accompanied with rice, special dipping sauces and of course homemade Roghni Nan.